A Triangle of Murder


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By Graham Goodwin

From the June 2018 issue of the APJ.

Around 9.40pm on 23 October 2009, Jeffrey Ryan took his last breath as he lay dying on his property Callemondah at Duri, New South Wales (NSW). His life of just 48 years had been cut short by the blast from a 12-gauge shotgun, which had been fired at close range into his back and right side. The wound was not instantly fatal, so Jeffrey would have lay on the ground in great pain for a number of minutes before succumbing to his wounds. 


About 11am the next morning, Jeffrey’s neighbour was out riding horses with his two sons when one of the boys saw a man lying on the ground (face down) with an obvious back injury that appeared to be still bleeding. He quickly brought his father’s attention to the scene and his father galloped over for a closer look. Blood could be seen seeping through the back of the victim’s shirt however he was motionless and appeared to be deceased. The neighbour called his sons away from the scene and approached the body for a closer inspection. At this point, he realised it was Jeffrey Ryan and that he was, in fact, quite dead. 

He then contacted Triple Zero (000) and he and his two boys rode to the front gate of the neighbour’s property to await the arrival of the ambulance. The ambulance team arrived a short time later. They quickly checked on the victim’s vital signs and, on finding none, immediately requested police attendance.

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