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In the March 2019 issue of the APJ:

The APJ family was shocked to learn of the death of retired editor Phil Peters in December 2018. 

Phil joined the NSW Police Force on 16 August 1965 (aged 21) after barely passing the height test. He had failed to qualify at an earlier attendance at the Police Academy in Redfern as he was a borderline applicant, barely reaching 175cm in height. But thankfully, the height test was lowered at this point in time to 175cm and he went straight into the first class of recruits.

Afterwards, apart from some initial police work as a traffic policeman in Sydney, he transferred to a country town called Mungindi and worked there for about three years before returning to Sydney where he remained undertaking various scientific and operational roles until retirement.

He was a proud, honest man who lived life to the full and he was, without a doubt, ‘nature’s own gentleman’. 

Phil found himself appointed APJ editor in 1976 and remained in the role until 2009 (for most of that time juggling his police and APJ duties). During his leadership the APJ evolved markedly - with his passion and commitment critical in the publication remaining relevant and interesting to new generations of police throughout Australia. The March 2019 issue of the APJ honours his service, including tributes from two of his colleagues. 

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