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The following information is drawn from the September 2012 issue of the APJ as well as additional information provided by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

The Solomon Islands is an archipelagic nation encompassing almost 1000 islands, spread over a distance of almost 1500 kilometres. Although the majority of the population are Melanesian, over 60 languages (with scores of local dialects) are spoken throughout the country. The nation attained independence from Great Britain in 1978.

The RSIPF traces its roots to the era of British administration. The RSIPF has over 1000 personnel and is responsible for providing policing and support services throughout the country.

The RSIPF patch features the national coat of arms, elements of which symbolise the different Provinces. The two turtles symbolise the Western Province; the green cross with spears, shields and arrows symbolise the Central Province (which in that time consisted of Isabel, Guadalcanal, Renbel, Russel and Savo Islands). The crest symbolises a sun over a traditional boat. A salt water crocodile and a shark (both species are found throughout the nation), act as protectors. The shield has a Frigate Bird standing on the motto of To Lead is to Serve.

The mission of the RSIPF is working in partnership with the community, building confidence in the RSIPF for a safe, peaceful and prosperous Solomon Islands.

The organisation’s vision is the RSIPF is a leading professional organisation of excellence, capable, trusted and accountable for its actions.

The five values for the RSIPF are:

  • Upholding the constitution and laws of the Solomon Islands;
  • Ethical leadership inspiring confidence;
  • Transparency and accountability;
  • Respect, trust and fairness for all; and
  • Honesty, integrity, professionalism and discipline.

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