Death by Misadventure


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By Aaron B Power

From the June 2014 issue of the APJ.

Uniformed police were somewhat perplexed when they arrived at a Sydney nursing home. They had been called there because a 60-year-old man (who was a resident) was close to death, dying from horrific burns he had just suffered. They watched as this man was placed in an ambulance which soon sped off with lights and sirens activated to the Burns Unit at nearby Concord Hospital. Soon afterwards police began to delve into the circumstances surrounding the fire.

Lack of Witnesses

A nurse had earlier found this man well ablaze on the nursing home’s open air patio close to an entrance door. But what exactly had caused this tragedy? The only possible eye witness (we believed at the time) to this terrible incident was the poor unfortunate man himself. He had suffered horrific burns to all areas of his body and was only just clinging to life. Due to his burns and not being able to be interviewed he could not provide investigators with an accurate version of events.

Patio Fire Scene

Police carefully examined the scene of the fire but were unable to locate any inflammable items whatsoever, so the big questions soon emerged: Was this a homicide? 

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