State of Policing ‘Firsts’ Hosts Landmark Event


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By Victoria Williams

From the March 2014 issue of the APJ.

The eighth Australasian Council of Women in Policing conference was held in Adelaide from 25 to 28 August 2013. The festivities officially kicked off on Sunday evening with welcome drinks at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, with around three hundred women and men from around Australia and the world catching up and making new friends. In reality, friends and colleagues had begun bumping into each other the minute they left home – at airports, on planes, on trams and in the hotel’s foyer. The conference is a great way to network!

The Conference

The Australasian Council of Women and Policing was established in 1996, following the first conference which was held in Sydney. Conferences have been held biannually since then, and with Adelaide hosting this year, in every jurisdiction across Australia.

The conference aims to celebrate women’s achievements in policing, to establish and foster networks and as a professional development opportunity. It brings together a range of law enforcement professionals such as police officers; federal agents; customs; immigration; quarantine and corrections officers; investigators; managers; police administrators; lawyers; researchers; academics; activists; students; and advocates for women’s human rights. 

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