Tasmania Police Professionalisation


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By Colin Riley, Phil Curtis and Roberta Julian

From the September 2017 issue of the APJ.


It has been argued that raising the professional status of police will lead to greater job satisfaction by police. It may also lead to increased efficiencies and positive perceptions by the people the police serve (Kleinig, 1996).

In 2008, Tasmania Police and the University of Tasmania commenced collaborative work to align police training and ongoing professional development and promotion with higher education.

This initial action identified disciplines which have clear pathways for academic achievement within the recruit curriculum and promotional processes. A subsequent memorandum of understanding was adopted. The partnership between both organisations focussed on working towards unitisation of many parts of the recruit curriculum and subsequently the promotional or developmental training process. The final outcome is the ability for Tasmanian Police Officers to achieve University accreditation alongside their career experience and achievements.

In essence, it brings an evidence-based approach to a career that has been predominantly based on experience learning. While policing is yet to be accepted as a clear profession (Lanyon, 2009) the Tasmanian model potentially paves the way for future recognition of police as experts in their field.

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