The Little Pebble: Cult Leader & Child Sex Offender


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By Detective Inspecter Peter Yeomans APM

From the March 2013 issue of the APJ

It is not unusual to hear veteran Police declare that they would rather investigate a double homicide than a child abuse investigation. Perhaps it is because of the emotions involved in viewing the results of a defenceless child intentionally battered, or maybe it is because the officer has children of his or her own at home. Whatever the case, the fact remains that child abuse investigations are not on the list of ‘favourite’ assignments for the average police investigator.

At the same time, the investigator recognises the obligation to handle child abuse inquiries in the same fashion as any other criminal matter; competently, thoroughly, and without prejudice.

Society has identified four types of child abuse - physical, sexual, psychological and neglect. One could argue that a child brought up in the confines of a cult, (specifically one that is as predatory as William Kamm’s), could be victim of all four types of abuse, and because the victims live in the cult, the abuse is ongoing and sustained over a prolonged period of time.

William Kamm @ ‘The Little Pebble’

During the early 1980’s, William Kamm @ ‘The Little Pebble’, founded a religious community first known as the ‘Marian Work of Atonement’ and later ‘The Order of St Charbel’. A large number of strict catholic families joined this order and resided on Kamm’s 17 hectare property at Cambewarra, near Nowra. This cult was one of many such cults throughout the world including those in Canada, Germany, France and New Zealand, that was directly linked to Kamm and his organisation. Kamm claimed to receive locutions (messages) from the Virgin Mary, which were imparted at 3pm on the 13th day of each month, (known as ‘Atonement Day’).

During 1993, Kamm claimed that during the course of one of these locutions, he prophesised (through the Virgin Mary) the coming of a ‘new era’, and that he was to have 12 queens and 72 princesses all of whom would enjoy, as documented in Christ’s teachings in the ‘Book of David’, a superior spiritual status within the community and the world, now and into the afterlife. Members of the community were told that the queens and princesses had been specifically chosen by the Virgin Mary to be Kamm’s mystical wives and would conceive children from Kamm’s ‘holy seed’. It was considered a great honour within the community to be chosen by the Virgin Mary to be one of Kamm’s mystical wives or princesses.

The difference between the role of queen and princess is that the queen belonged solely to the Little Pebble, but the princess was permitted to marry another provided she remained Kamm’s mystical wife when he demanded. The queens and princesses were led to believe that they had been specially chosen to fulfil God’s plan to conceive holy children for the ‘new era’. They believed that dire consequences would inflict them if they did not accept their chosen path, as they were going against the will of God.

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