The Mutilator


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By Barry Fay

From the September 2015 issue of the APJ.

The following case-history, about (arguably) Australia’s first ‘serial killer’ who carried out his nefarious activities around the Sydney business district decades ago, was originally published by the APJ back in 1982. Since that time a number of requests were received at the APJ Office for us to reprint the article in full for our new members. However, due to its length and the fact that a constant stream of interesting (serious crime) articles were being sent to us their requests were put on the ‘back-burner’ so to speak.

However, following this killer’s death (in prison on 12 May 2015) and on reading a number of misleading stories that surfaced shortly afterwards about his mental condition etc., the APJ now finds it appropriate to once more release the old C.I.B’s documented facts about the case.


The following case history concerns one of the most bizarre chapters in the annals of Australian crime. During the early 1960’s the city of Sydney was to experience a series of homosexual murders that was so sadistic and horrifying that the perpetrator became as infamous as London’s notorious ‘Jack the Ripper’. Like the 19th century ripper this knife-wielding psychopath would go to extreme lengths to mutilate his victims. He would leave an unmistakable trademark which was believed to be unprecedented in the history of crime throughout the world. These mutilations were certainly not the worst injuries that Australian police have ever encountered, but they were, indisputably, the most talked about.

Information regarding these murders has been researched and gathered together from the archives. Material concerning each murder has been written according so these documents and as accurately as possible under the circumstances. Details of the numerous enquiries carried out during this protracted investigation have been limited to knowledge of the few remaining police still active in the Force, and my gratitude is expressed to those police who assisted me in determining the facts.

First Murder

At approximately 7pm on Sunday 4 June 1961, two alcoholics went to the northern end of the SydneyDomain Baths to indulge in their favorite pastime, drinking cheap wine. This was a common spot for inebriates to gather asmany arrests for drunkenness and vagrancy were made at this location. It was a miserable overcast day but the drunks were happy because they believed the weather conditions would keep away the familiar blue uniforms of the Law , As the drunks began their liquid meal’ they wereinterrupted by a sudden downpour and had to look elsewhere for a place of refuge.

They found such a place at the northern end of the baths, here a large shed was erected which was supported by high foundations. As they crawled under the shed, they could see the outline of a man lying on his back, apparently in a drunken sleep. With the possibility of more alcohol to be shared, they crawled over to this person and in the dim light they could see that he was covered in blood and was lying in a semi-naked state. Even in their highly intoxicated condition it took only a few seconds for them to realise that they had stumbled upon a brutal and vicious murder. For the first time in many years alcohol was completely removed from their minds as they hastily retreated fromthe scene. They argued among themselves as to their next move until finally they hurried off to Central Police Stationwhere they mumbled out the whole ghastly details to the station Sergeant.

A patrol car was promptly dispatched with the two drunks to verify the discovery which in turn led detectives and the Government Medical Officer (GMO) swiftly to the scene. The body was clad in a coat, shirt, singlet and socks. The coat was open and the shirt and singlet had been pulled up above the nipples on his chest. The trousers and shoes were found on the ground, to the left of the body. A close inspection of the corpse revealed a most terrifying sight. Hardened police, who had seen many obnoxious killings, reeled back in horror when they observed that the killer’s final act of depravity was to remove his victim’s penis, testicles and scrotum, including the area of flesh which incorporated the pubic hair. Coupled with all this the body was ‘pock marked’ with, ‘obvious stab wounds and covered with blood. 

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