Licencing Agreement

The APJ is a not-for-profit publication and we trust that our product provides a useful resource to people with a lawful interest in law enforcement.

Unless otherwise formally agreed to in writing between a subscriber and the Editor of the APJ, the following conditions will apply to the use of the on-line subscribers section of the APJ website. The conditions may be changed by the APJ as circumstances demand.

Please note that The APJ will immediately cancel any subscription, and/or revoke login access, to any subscriber found to be deliberately or recklessly breaching the below terms, and retain the unspent portion of the outstanding subscription.


  • Access to the subscribers only section arises out of a person’s current subscription with the APJ;
  • An expired subscription will result in revocation of the person’s login details (User ID and Password);
  • Login details (User ID and Password) are issued to the subscriber, and are only for the use of that subscriber;
  • The subscriber will not provide their login details to another person;
  • Subscribers will not
    • Forward an electronic copy of the APJ to another person;
    • Post an electronic copy of the APJ on another website, social networking site or any similar internet or intranet site;
    • Print or save electronic copies of the APJ, for the purposes of providing them to non-subscribers.


Departments, Groups, Libraries or similar organisations (‘agencies’)

  • Each separate subscription entitles the agency to access the site through one IP address at a time (ie: no multiple concurrent accessing);
  • The terminal that is used to access the site must be one owned by the agency, and physically located within the premises;
  • Agencies are not entitled to copy, forward or post electronic copies of the journal on any other internet, intranet or social networking site;
  • Login details (User ID and Password) are not to be posted on any agency intraweb or similar; and
  • Employees or members of the agency are not allowed to access the site through the agency’s login details, from their home or other non-work terminals.

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