Podcast Episode:

A Very Cold, Cold Case

This episode features a great story of how police brought a bank robber to justice, 40 years after committing his crimes. Through a mixture of chance and luck the offender had escaped detection at the time of the offences, but a request by a retired police fingerprint expert for police to re-examine an old thumb print, led police (detectives, forensics experts and archivists!) to make a break-through and the arrest. Also in this episode is an overview of the contents of the March 2021 issue of the APJ.

Host: Jason Byrnes
Guests: Detective Senior Constable Musa Adalis, APJ Deputy Editor Barry Fay and APJ Editor Pat Paroz.

Theme: Like We Do It by Grace Mesa, available at the website Premium Beat
Break 1: Run Run Runnin by Grace Mesa, available at the website Premium Beat
Break 2: Always Infinity by Nick Petrov, available at the website Premium Beat
End: Motivational Digital Piano & Cello by AudioChemicals, available at the website Audio Jungle

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